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Lithium battery

The present situation of lithium batteries and development prospects

Lithium battery industry is an important direction of high and new technology development. The lithium ion battery has advantages of high energy, high power, high conversion efficiency, long life and pollution-free,which is the development direction of future power battery. The application of lithium battery power in electric car can not only use electric instead of oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and also store the valley of power grid electricity. With the lithium battery gradual movement to the market, the worldwide use of lithium resources and consumption will substantially increase. Thus the industry chain has a huge potential for development and wide prospect. It can be foreseen that who can preemptive development opportunities, who will win the future of development of industry of lithium electricity initiative.
Lithium battery application

With the development of microelectronics technology in 20th century, mini equipments were increasing, which put up with very high requirements for batteries. Then lithium battery entered the scale of the practical stage.

The earliest application of lithium is the original battery used for defibrillators. Because the low self-discharge rate and very gentle discharging voltage of lithium battery, the pacemaker in human body for long-term use is possible.

 Generally, lithium battery has nominal voltage higher than 3.0 v, which is more suitable for integrated circuit power supply. It is widely used in computer, calculators, and watches.

Now, lithium ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, laptop computers, electric tools, electric cars, street lamp backup power supply, the navigation lamps and household appliances. Therefore, it can be defined as the largest application group.

The recommendations and countermeasures for lithium battery industry development in the future in our country

Nowadays in China, the lithium battery industry development needs to be have a clear orientation, overall planning,  perfect the standard system and strengthen the resources with new thinkings. Using new ideas to lead the industry development.

We should make the industry orientation clear and clear up the management system. Lithium battery is not only one of the components of electric cars. We should make lithium battery industry clear as an energy storage industry, planning for the lithium battery industry development in time. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Labor Department and the Ministry should be clear about management authority, each doing his own jobs. Lithium battery power supply system integration involves battery, electric power, electronics, machinery manufacturing and other areas. At present, electrical power supply industry organization is loose, management foundation is weak and overall planning and industry standards is lack. The industry association should strengthen. China power supply function industry association is proposed.

Research investment should increase and lithium battery research special fund should be established for researching of lithium battery material industrialization key technology, large capacity battery manufacturing process, battery group technology and intelligent battery management system, etc.

Perfect the standard system, enact and perfect lithium battery basic standard, the product standard and guide the benign development of the enterprise.
Strengthen the lithium resources guarantee ability and pay attention to the strategic position of the lithium resources. At the same time, lithium battery recycling efforts should strengthen to realize recycling using. In short, lithium battery industry development prospects in our country is very great, but foundation is still very weak. Not only technology should make progress, and the problem of low repetitive construction and excess capacity start again. If we want that the lithium battery industry develop smoothly and gain first chance, the government and industry management department's scientific planning and rational constraint can't be left and related enterprise's calm decisions are needed.

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